Helicopter To Reading and Leeds Festivals

14th July 2017
Posted by numagoo

The Nightmare Of Leaving Festivals

We all understand the stress of festival traffic! The endless hours of queuing behind car after car just to get out of the car park. Or the mentally and physically draining walk hauling all of your belongings trying to find your family who is picking you up, reducing people to tears!

Reading and Leeds Festivals are huge Festivals across of a lot of lands! Making it not the most accessible place, having only a few areas where people can enter and leave from. You can see how it makes leaving the festivals a nightmare, so many people and such little space to leave.

Fly In By Helicopter

Even though Reading and Leeds Festivals are massive, but hard to exit by car or foot there is one pro for having so much land! Helicopters. Flying in and out of these festivals is the smart option, not many people even know that it’s possible but it is. You may be thinking, it’s way too expensive; logically thinking about it, it’s really not.

You need to think. What would I spend on my travel there? Train tickets? Taxi Fare? Petrol? Not forgetting the hours you’re going to be sitting in traffic or putting your body through unnecessary hauling across fields.  Either way choppering in is the way forward. Quick, comfy and very accessible for you.

We have a fleet of helicopters ready to meet and suit your needs, our tailor made chartered flights are designed to meet all of your needs and requirements to the highest of standards. Get in touch with our team today for prices, details and just general enquiries. We’re happy to help with anything and work towards your brief to make sure everything you have requested has been met, checked and checked again in order for your arrival and departure.




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