How To Get Over The Fear Of Flying

24th December 2016
Posted by numagoo


The definition of the fear of flying is Aviophobia, more than 40% of adults around the world suffer from it. Does the idea of just stepping on a plane make you feel physically nauseous? Never mind being up there in the sky.

3 Things To Help You Over Come Your Fear

  1. Homeopathy

    Homeopathy is a herbal way to treat the fear of flying, it’s a range of herbal ingredients diluted with water that is meant to help with overcoming your fear. Organisations like the British Homeopathic Association and Homeopathy Healing suggest using the following remedies before and during your flight:

    • Gelsemium – if you suffer from trembling anxiety and muscle weakness when you fly.
    • Argentum-Nitricum – to treat restlessness and anxiety stemming mainly from fear of heights and claustrophobia.
    • Aconite – for people who experience terror and panic, believing their plane will crash.
    • Arsenicum – if you feel restless and need constant reassurance that your plane won’t crash.
    • Borax – to treat a fear of downward motion, such as when landing.
  2. Anxiety Coaching

    Seeking professional help to deal with the anxiety is always a good idea, they can prescribe things to help calm down your whole nervous system in general. If you’re dealing with anxiety with flying they you’re more than likely dealing with it in every day to day life and professional help can work. Counselling, training the mind on how to think and act in a way more comfortable for you.

  3. Chartering a Private Helicopter Or Jet

    Deciding to charter your own flight can be beneficial, it reduces check-in and security checks time ultimately gets rid of any nervous flight build up. The aircraft is your own, no strangers or crowded rows. You have your own onboard staff to talk you through the guidelines and any questions you have to ask. Creating a peaceful place for you to relax and overcome your fears of flying.



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