Global Helicopter Charters Ibiza

20th April 2023
Posted by numagoo

2023 Summer Season In Ibiza Is Fast Approaching!

With April soon ending it can only mean one thing! That Ibiza season is soon to start with millions from all over the world flocking to this party island at one point or another. Ready to soak up some sun and have a non-stop party from the minute they arrive until they have to leave again.

Expensive Flights?

At peak season aeroplane flights to Balearic Island can creep to astonishing unreasonable prices. But what is the fun in booking something 6-9 months prior? If you have the same attitude as me, you’re more of a get up and go person.

Have you ever had to cancel or just let your friends go without you? Because it’s not just the appalling prices of the flights it’s the spending money while you are over there too! With some drinks coming in at £20 a go! Money doesn’t grow on trees, does it?

Chartering A Flight To Ibiza

Chartering flights to this stunning island is possible, but what is the most cost-effective way for you? Here at Global Helicopter Charters, we are here to help you with your every need even if you’re just enquiring about prices.

We ensure to tailor your experience so that it is perfect for you! From price range to helicopter type, everything you could possibly need. Fill in one of our of our enquiry forms today to book your charter by helicopter to Ibiza! What better way than to drop in than by helicopter? For affordable prices, luxury throughout! No airport hassle or sitting on an average flight that everybody else is sat on.

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