Helicopter Chartering With 4k Aerial Camera

21st October 2016
Posted by numagoo

4k Aerial Camera With Ultra Telephoto Canon Lens

4k Aerial Camera With Ultra Telephoto Canon Lens
Global Helicopter Charter offers charter services using the 4K Aerial Camera.

The camera is designed to give you a wide range shot and it can adjust itself to change location effortlessly! It’s ideal for sporting events like the Grand National and wildlife applications, with its stunning UHD performance for the time being it doesn’t get any better than this.

The system is the lightest and most compact of its type helping maintain aircraft limitations and endurance to the flight its self, and the surroundings that the aircraft will have to endure for this type of work. The whole system can be packed into five cases all qualifying under excess baggage. If you are really wanting to stop any sort of delay, if you intend to bring your own excess baggage the 4k Aerial Camera can be mounted on too many aircraft before take off.

For more information on 4K Aerial Camera or any enquiries please contact Victoria Burgess 0161 660 2731 or drop an email at vicky@globalhelicoptercharter.com




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