With simple boarding procedures, point-to-point travel and no traffic delays, helicopter charter is a more time-efficient business solution.

Helicopter charters offer a level of flexibility not commonly found with fixed wing aircraft. The advantages of flying point to point are often invaluable and cabins frequently contain club seating offering exceptional comfort.

The versatility of helicopters means that they can be used for business purposes or for transfers from airports to ski resorts, events or sports stadiums.

Luxury Travel

Stunning aircrafts, beautiful interior throughout our whole fleet of helicopters we offer some of the newest and youngest aircrafts in the industry. Creating a safe and enjoyable environment for all.


Here at Global Helicopter Charters we ensure a high level of safety and precaution with all of our flights. Each aircraft consists the latest variants to its model with proven safety records.


We provide a quick service for people who travel long distances. Manchester to London in 55 minutes. Saving you important time where needs be.



For more complex enquires, call us 0161 639 0212