Chartering A Helicopter In the UK

25th January 2017
Posted by numagoo

Making A Charter Request

  1. Number Of Passengers

    Providing us with your exact number of passengers helps us eliminate any helicopter to big or small, making it as cost effective for you as possible.

  2. Departure Point

    This allows us to find the nearest helicopter to you in order to save you money on helicopter positioning, we should be able to find one for the exact location or somewhere very close depending on landing permits.

  3. Landing Point

    Having a huge range of landing points up and down the country, we will either get you to your exact landing point or not very far from it.

  4. Dates And Times

    This is the most important part of charting it allows us to check hourly chargings at airports and if you’re wanting a night flight. All these aspects need to come into consideration so we can give you a correct quote.

By giving us all of the information above you save yourself money and gives you the best charter flight to suit your criteria. If you’re wanting to charter a flight get in contact with our experienced team who will find you the best charter flight to fit you.

Your Helicopter Charter Quote

Global Helicopter Charter will work as fast as possible to deliver your charter quote to you, with the sufficient information you have given us it will make the whole process much faster for us and yourself.  We will find you the most efficient aircraft to fit your criteria, making it more cost effective for you.

Why Helicopter Charter?

Chartering your own helicopter is more efficient all round, the biggest benefit is that it is the quickest form of transport to get you where you need to be. A normal drive or train journey from Manchester to London Is in between 3 – 5 hours at the quickest! Chartering a helicopter eliminates that waste of time with a one-way trip only taking 1 hour 30 minutes max. Not to mention the element of luxury and relaxation that is thrown into.

Global Helicopter Charters are happy to help you at any time! Visit our enquiries page, and get a quote.



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