Global Helicopter Charter 12 Aircraft Fleet

21st November 2016
Posted by numagoo

Our Fleet Of 12 Aircrafts

Global Helicopter Chater has a fleet like no other, we can offer 12 different helicopters! Either single or twin engine. The majority of people will end up choosing a twin-engine chopper because of landing permits, this is because single engines don’t land the same and have to meet certain landing requirements.

Single-engine helicopters do have their pros, the most obvious being that it is considerably a lot lighter making it more nimble in the air and creating the extra weight for excess baggage. If you’re a helicopter fanatic then you will have a good idea on the way single engine lands, but if not or you don’t have any knowledge on helicopter landings altogether; this might be interesting.

Helicopters generally need a lot of space for landing, because they need to be able to swing the helicopter in against the wind whichever way it might be blowing. This makes the landing softer and easier for the pilot, with a twin engine this is quite easy because you have the extra power behind you to face the wind that is blowing against you. Now single engines the landing is not much different but obviously, you don’t have the extra power! The landing is much more of tap and drop process, not as smooth as the twin-engine but a lot more exhilarating in the aspect of the bump.

If you’re new to the helicopter world and not to sure on which flight would be the most comfortable flight for you, then I do definitely recommend a double engine. For people like me who love the thrill of just being in the air, I would definitely recommend the single engine even if it’s just something to try, the feeling is totally different! You could say the idea of not having two engines is more daring. But for me honestly it makes the experience so much better, you can only truly understand when you’ve tried it.

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