Our Helicopter Fleet

Stunning aircrafts, beautiful interior throughout our whole fleet of helicopters we offer some of the newest and youngest aircrafts in the industry. Creating a safe and enjoyable environment for all.

Airbus H120

The H120 is classified as a light helicopter, and can be used for the following missions: Corporate, Firefighting, and Police. It can transport up to 5 passangers at one time, the H120 can fly as far as 383 nautical miles on a tank of fuel. Its maximum altitude ceiling (HOGE) is 7600 feet, which is roughly average for its class. Top speed comes in at 120 knots, the same average as all light helicopters its size.

Passengers - 5 People

Distance - 383 Nautical Miles (Full tank of fuel.)

Maximum Altitude Ceiling (HOGE) - 7600 feet

Maximum Speed - 120 Knots

Engine Type - Turbine

Take Off Power - 504 shp

Engine Make And Model - Turbomeca Arrius 2F

Weights And Dimensions

  • ·  Maximum Weight Takeoff - 3,781 lbs
  • ·  Maximum Gross Weight - 1,574 lbs
  • ·  Rate of climb - 1,150 fpm


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