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About Us

Global Helicopter Charter is a UK based company, here to provide you with an instant service. Access to our fleet consists of both single and twin engine helicopters with a maximum capacity of 16 people. Having bases conveniently located up and down the country and throughout the world we are accessible to everyone. We pride ourselves on offering a bespoke and efficient service, which can be easily accessed by anyone.

We can provide charters to suit everyone. From night flights, long distance and all weathers flights. VIP flights, aerial filming and flying for the onshore utility markets. Our trained staff are on hand to give advice and to help you find the most suitable flight for you and your needs.



Removing standing in line for security checks, no traffic delays, chartering a helicopter is more time-efficient all round.

Global Helicopter Charters offer an experience like no other, that you won’t get from any other aircraft. Flying from point to point makes the whole experience much more comfortable and relaxing for the passengers.

The idea of helicopters is so that they can be used for many different purposes, it being business flights or flying to a ski resort, even festivals!

Global Helicopter Charters provides a range of possibilities from aerial filming, being one of the first chartering company with a 4K aerial camera at your disposal. To VIP chartering with luxury interior and service throughout your whole experience.



Depending on you and your demands if it is celebrating a special occasion with family or friends or just needing to get somewhere in a hurry. We can provide a quick service that will allow you to be with loved ones in no time. Removing the everyday stresses of manual travel whether it be by road or train.

If you’re wanting to travel with large groups of people our fleet can accommodate all, with both single and twin engine helicopter sitting up to 16 people per flight.

Simply let us know your requirements and needs and our team will help you to find the best charter to suit you in good time. We understand that time matters and we will try to make everything as convenient for you as possible.


For more complex enquires, call us 0161 639 0212