Flying In On The F.A. Cup Final

Many see the F.A. Cup Final as the biggest football event of the year, with millions attending and supporting from all over the world.  What better way could you think than arriving in style and dropping in by helicopter, nothing? We think not too, with our fleet being bigger and better than any other charter service about we are proud of the service we provide for people.

We have an outstanding fleet of 12 individual helicopters waiting at your disposal up and down the country. For this event we advise a double engine helicopter, giving you more leeway on where you can land it, whereas single engines can only be landed in designated areas suited to the helicopter.

Double engines come as AS355 more commonly called squirrel! it can take up to 6 passengers which we think is great for an event like this. if you’re wanting to up the number of people you’re wanting to come along then you could look at Sikorsky S76 not the biggest of the Sikorsky family but seats up to 12 passengers.